The Morgen Apiary at Avalon Herbal Medicine

Our first clony of bees resident in the medicinal herb garden

Our first colony is housed here in the medicinal herb garden. We have now expanded to three colonies.

They are dedicated to the Morgens of Avalon.

Our colonies are hived in National Hives and are managed organically as far as the garden is concerned.

Busy worker bees caring for bood and honey stores. We do not harvest the honey in the brood box and leave them one super full overwinter
The hives hold eleven frames of brood
Our honey is not warmed at all, just filtered to remove bits

Our honey is not heated, so it retains its natural enzymes. It is centrifuged from the combs and filtered to get out any residual bits of wax before boing bottled. The combs are returned to the bees who wil clean them up and reuse them and the unextracted honey. We only take the true surplus leaving the bees two supers of their own, more than enough to get them through the winter.

Avalon honey is for sale at the door when available

 Avalon Honey is therefor available depending on the bees and the weather. We sell from the door, so if you are local or visiting please ask if there is some going. I also prescribe herbal infused Avalon honey, the thyme one is especially effective for sore throats.