2022 A new series of three herbal gatherings 
Herbs of Avalon
Practical explorations of local herbal medicines
Create and use your own herbal medicines
With Mary Bruce, Consulting Medical Herbalist BSc. Hons Herbal Medicine MNIMH
You are cordially invited to join me for any or all of these exciting new practical gatherings to create your own herbal treasure chest in the beautiful Goddess House and gardens in Avalon/Glastonbury.

We will be getting to know some local herbs that you can easily forage or grow for your own personal use. Learning how to process and store them. How to prepare effective medicines and how to take them.

The simplicity of basic herbal medicine is part of our heritage that is available for all. These three half day sessions will give you the practical oomph to get started into connecting with the rich diversity of the Herbs of Avalon. 

Cultivation, Harvest & Storage


Saturday 7th May 2 to 4-30pm
Goddess House, Glastonbury
£30 paid in advance
Getting to know the Herbs of Avalon - identification
How to propagate, grow and collect your herbs
Advice on how to process and store your harvest 
Propagate plants to take home for your own plot

Herbal Medicine Making
Saturday 4th June 2 to 4-30pm
Goddess House, Glastonbury
£30 paid in advance

Taste the herbs and blend your own medicinal tea

Make your own effective tincture

Explore herbal infused oils and prepare your own salve


Understanding Herbal Dosage
Saturday 2nd July 2-4-30pm
Goddess House, Glastonbury
£30 paid in advance
Explore the many ways that herbs can be administered
Understand the limits of herbal use

Find out how to apply herbal doses to different groups including elders and children

Tincture tasting and herbalist tips

Includes a handout on the doses of the Herbs of Avalon

Each afternoon is £30 paid in advance. Places are limited and closing dates apply due to the practical nature of these sessions.
Adaptogens for stress releif. A workshop at Avalon Herbal Medicine

Adaptogens for Stress Relief

Adaptogens promote the ability of the human body to adapt to stress, support normal metabolic processses and restore balance.
This very popular 2 hour workshop includes an informative handout and a small bottle of tincture of your choice of adaptogens.


Herbs for a Good Nights Sleep


We spend one third of our lives sleeping. If the quality and quantity of sleep is insufficient for our needs it may have a great impact on our quality of life and indeed our health.

Herbal medicine has several strategies that can manage or alleviate insomnia. We will explore the use of herbal hypnotics, sedatives and relaxants. Western herbal medicine has a tradition of using herbs in combination, given that insomnia often presents with other health issues this is a great way to understand the holistic basis of western herbalism.

Includes time to create your own relaxing sleep tea and handouts. 

This workshop will take about two hours.


Avalon Herbal Medicine Valerian in bud
Herbal support for excretion . A workshop at Avalon Herbal Medicine

Herbal support for excretion

Occasionally our homeostatic mechanisms need some herbal support. In Western herbalsism this takes the form of alterative herbs that improve elimination of metabolic waste and in so doing restore normal body function. I use herbs that support and nourish the structure and function of skin, the lymphatic system, lungs, kidneys, liver, gut, the immune system right down to the tissue ad cellular level.

Join me to find out about some that are easily used and readily available.

Make your own herbal infusion mixture.

A 2 hour workshop

Herbs for PMS

PMS - premenstrual syndome or premenstrual tension compromises the quality of life of many women.


We will have a look at it's effects and how it presents in different groups and ailments.


We will cover some key herbs with an affinity for the uterus and women's hormones.


With this background in mind, we can choose from a wide arrray of safe and effective herbs that have have relevence for the individual woman. 


With handouts and time to prepare your personal tea.



Herbs for PMS. A workshop at Avalon Herbal Medicine
Digestive Herbs. A workshop at Avalon Herbal Medicine

Digestive Herbs


Find out about herbs that can ease and support digestive complaints ranging from simple indigestion, constipation and flatulence to reflux, ulcers and chronic conditions such as IBS, Crohns and ulcerative colitis.

Explore the approach of Western Herbal Medicine to our gastro-intestinal system using bitters, antispasmodics. anti-inflammatory and many other safe and effective herbs,  

Including a detailed handout, tincture tasting with an opportunity to create your own 'tummy tea'.

Herbs for Menopause

Did you know herbal medicine can manage the hot flushes and anxiety that may accompany menopause?

Joint pain, poor concentration and memory, fatigue, mood and tissue changes can all be addressed. 

Menopause is an individual experience for every woman, learn about the herbs that alleviate the varied symptoms - the how and the why as well as how to take them.

The workshop includes informative handouts along with a selection of herbs for you to prepare your personal menopause support herbal infusion. £15


Herbal Immune Support

Herbs such as echinacea and elderberry offer a rich array of constituents to support our complex and highly individual immune systems.

However, herbs can also help manage deeper issues of immune origin including allergies and autoimmune disease. 

This two hour workshop includes informative handouts and the opportunity to prepare your personal herbal immune tincture mix. 

Herbs of Breath and Bone


A two hour workshop focussing on respiratory and musculoskeletal herbs. These well known and easily available medicinal herbs have a good clinical evidence base and we will discuss their applications.


The herbs will be available to taste and experience in a variety of modalities.

Prepare your own breathe easy sachets, create a smudge bundle from our native herbs and your own scented oil for body and earth awareness.

Herbs of Breath and Bone. A workshop at Avalon Herbal Medicine

Respiratory Herbs

A two hour workshop  focussing on western medical herbalism's holistic approach to respiratory ailments.


Looking at the herbal actions appropriate to the respiratory system with key herbs that have an affinity to the lungs and upper respiratory tract.

Handouts and recipes provided.


Including tea and tincture tasting and with time to create your own breathe easy herb sachet.


Cardiovascular Herbs

 Lifestyle and nutrition play a large part in our cardiovascular health. As an holistic healthcare provider I will share some tips with you.
This 2 hour workshop explores herbs that can be used to prepare an infusion that supports this important body system of heart, arteries, veins and the microcirculation.
Includes informative handouts and herbs to prepare your personal infusion.
Cardiovascular Herbs. A workshop at Avalon Herbal Medicine

Herbs for Bones and Muscle

A two hour workshop focussing on our musculoskeletal systems - plus the bits in between - ligaments, cartilage and tendons. Arthritis, rheumatism, joint and muscular pain can all be managed and alleviated with herbs. These well known and easily available medicinal herbs have a good clinical evidence base and

we will discuss their applications.

Join me to find out about some that are

easily used and readily available.
This workshop includes informative handouts

and the opportunity to prepare your

personal pain relieving ointment. 


Worshops are also available on:

What is Herbal Medicine

Herbs of Avalon


Please contact me here if you would like me to run a workshop for your group.