Hecate's Herbs

Brewings - The Watchings 


Saturday 19th October 10-5pm and

Sunday 20th October 11-4pm


Venue: Avalon Herbal Medicine


 £120 including herbs, materials and handouts


£50 deposit

will secure your place.

Practical Herbalism - Tradition+Science+Intuition

This Autumn come brew up deep decoctions, syrups and fruity tinctures to soothe, nourish, fortify and heal.

With Crone Hecate as our guide we walk into Avalon, gather seasonal herbs, and prepare our own medicines from what we forage and harvest from my medicinal herb garden. We will explore the herbs medicinal actions, as well as how to use them.

We will watch the unfolding patterns of ripples, steam and the waning Moon in the slow decoctions and and deep tinctures of herbal roots and berries within Hecate's Cauldron of Herbal Wisdom.

Imbibing the Essence of the Land from Her Cauldron we will seek the Oracle of the Seasons Herbs for ourselves on a guided journey to Hecate's Sacred Garden.

Come walk the paths of Avalon and gather seasonal herbs to make medicine. Explore your relationship with these green and aromatic beings as plants, as spirits and as healers. You will need appropriate clothes and waterproof footwear.


A light vegetarian lunch will be provided and should you wish, something personal for the altar to Hecate. You may also want to bring biodegradable offerings for the plant spirits when we are out foraging.

You will be shown how to concoct your own preparations and to experience herbs in a variety of ways.

Please take responsibility for your personal wellbeing and health with these remedies.

For details and a booking form contact

01458 833724