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Wellbeing from Nature's Pharmacy


Interested in herbs and want to discover
 how to use them safely and effectively for minor complaints ?
This course is for you.

Seven weekends exploring herbal healthcare

Learn how to:

  • Choose effective and safe herbs for everyday complaints

  • Identify your core herbs botanically and energetically

  • Engage with the actions of each core herb through exploration of it's constituents and preparation

  • Grow and propagate your own herbs

  • Harvest clean and store your herbs

  • Make your own herbal teas, tinctures, syrups, oils, creams, poultices, capsules and ointments

  • Appreciate the diversity of natural medicine easily available to us all

  • Engage with herbs experientially

  • Create your own Materia medica

  • Use your core herbs effectively and safely for each individual

Held in the beautiful Vale of Avalon where ancient healing ways are recognised, remembered and re-envisaged for the 21st Century. This seven part course will follow the seasons of this land over a year.

The course is non-residential.


Each weekend will be centred on a body system and three key herbs that have an affinity for it's wellbeing. In this way you will build your knowledge, plant stock, dispensary, skills and techniques so that your approach to herbal healing becomes holistic, focusing on the individual rather than their disease.


After seven weekends you will have a basic Materia medica and the skill to use it safely and effectively for everyday mild conditions. We will cover herbs for digestion, nerves, skin, elimination, breath, heart and the circulatory systems. Incorporating foraging, gardening, propagation, therapeutics and pharmacy with taught and experiential learning. Each weekend will include time to experience the herbs energetically as individuals and allies.



Vervain 2nd and 3rd July 2016

The evolution of modern western herbalism and how this ancient art informs modern evidence-based practice. We will engage with three key herbs to start your personal herb garden and Materia medica. We start our journey into plant energetics. 


Meadowsweet 6th and 7th August 2016

Digestion. The ability to aasimilate food is fundamental to health, we will focus on herbal actions and what effect these important digestive herbs have on the gut and beyond. Tinctures and glycerites. Materia medica -  begin to create your own personal herbarium and reference book.


Skullcap 3rd and 4th September 2016

Nerves. The brain and peripheral nerves form a complex multi - leveled system that interacts with hormones, all other body systems and the senses. We will explore the local and global effects of herbs that support mild nervous conditions. Tinctures and glycerites 2. Tools of the trade and where to get them. How to clean and store your herbs.


Comfrey 5th and 6th November 2016

Skin. One of the largest organs of the body that can be used to enhance the absorption of many herbs. We will focus on anti-microbial and vulnery herbs and learn how to prepare herbal oils, ointments and creams. We explore the safe and effective use of medicinal essential oils derived from herbs.


Nettle 18th and 19th February 2017

Elimination. The body has multiple routes to eliminate waste and maintain  a healthy metabolism. We will explore excretion and lymphatics along with the most effective herbs for supporting these systems. Teas, baths and capsule making. Seeds and sources. Planning our herb gardens and future herbal endeavors.


Thyme. 8th and 9th April 2017

Breath. We will explore the herbal actions of key herbs and examples of herbal mixes for mild respiratory complaints. Learn how to dry herbs and make poultices and styptics. We start preparing our plots and potting on our growing herbs in readiness for planting out.


Hawthorn. 27th and 28th May 2017

Circulation. The blood and heart bring life and vitality. Western herbalism has a wealth of herbs to support and manage the cardiovascular system. As Summer approaches, the reality of our herbalism begins to take shape as we prepare to plant out and cultivate our herb gardens that will form the backbone of our future endeavors. We will celebrate with flower and root syrups and present a review of our individual Materia medica.


Avalon Herbal Medicine, Mary Bruce Medical Herbalist, herbalistmary, Mary Bruce, Herbs
Course Details

Saturdays 11-5pm and Sundays 10-4pm with breaks for comfort and lunch.

Each weekend you will need appropriate clothes and waterproof footwear for when we are out foraging or in the garden. Please bring vegetarian food to share for lunch.



Our base will  be Avalon Herbal Medicine. My dispensary, clinic and medicinal herb garden that are 5 minutes walk from central Glastonbury, Somerset, UK. Other venues and the environs of Glastonbury will also feature.


Full fee

£700 paid by the beginning of the course

£100 non-returnable deposit by June 17th, 2016 plus balance of £600 by July 2nd, 2016.

Payable by cheque, cash or BACS


Installment plan

£730 (including £30 administration fee).

£130 non-returnable deposit by June 17th, 2016 plus six, monthly payments of £100 by standing order or post dated cheques starting July 2nd, 2016.


For more information and a booking form

Tel: +0044(0)1458 833724

Email herbalistmary@icloud.com