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Mary Bruce

BSc. Hons. Herbal Medicine. MNIMH

Dedicated expertise

Combining my love of plants and years of accumulated scientific skills with a desire to engage with individual healthcare using herbs, I completed an Honours Degree at the the University of East London in Herbal Medicine in 2015 and am an award winning member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.


I have completed over 500 hours of clinical training and am qualified in clinical anatomy and physiology, pharmacy, clinical diagnosis, 

pathology, nutrition, immunity, botany, pharmacology and phytochemistry as well as the Materia Medica and therapeutics of Traditional Western Herbalism.


I provide a reassuring approach to healthcare with safe and effective medicinal herbs for all the family.


I have enjoyed working in the medicinal sciences for over 35 years;  being involved in pharmaceutical formulation, analytical and clinical research within industrial, medical and university environments.

I have a degree in zoology and worked in pharmacology and analytical biochemistry at University for many years. I am also a qualified horticulturist and garden designer.


I run my own busy medicinal herbal clinic, dispensary and garden in Glastonbury. As a Priestess of Avalon I consider this to be part of my Priestess practice. I am also a Morgen Sibyl, Soul Healer, Ceremonialist and Tutor with the Glastonbury Goddess Temple.


As part of my herbalism I am delighted to support herbal medicine students as the Student Advisor at Heartwood.

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