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As diet is intrinsic to health, I can offer you support as part of your follow up consultations in the following ways:

  • Tailored dietary advice

  • Herbal support

  • Access to a wide variety of quality supplements at affordable prices

  • Ongoing support and guidance

Extra time taken will be at £40 per 30 minutes


Qualified, Realistic Advice and Support

As a Medical Herbalist I am also qualified in nutrition as part of my honours degree. I practice from the concept of let your food be your medicine and will always be interested in your diet.

At your first consultation with me I will give you a food diary to complete. This is very simple, listing your food and drink over three days. This gives me a rounded picture to inform my holistic approach. I will then prepare a brief feedback for you, advising on any concerns.

For some people this is all that is necessary, our western diet provides all that we need in most cases and most people have access to a wide variety of foods.

Some people however have restricted diets, are overweight or obese. Medicines may affect absorption and metabolism as well as various illnesses.


My detailed case history on your first consultation and your food diary are designed to identify these factors (along with many others).

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