Online Courses

  1. Free introduction

  2. Blood

  3. Breath

  4. Bone

  5. Action (muscles, tendons, ligaments)

  6. Rest (sleep)

  7. Digestion

  8. Balance (alteratives)

  9. Communication (nerves)

  10. Boundaries (immune)

  11. Endocrine

  12. Increase (women men)

  13. Change

  14. Tincture Day - extra £50

Pay in advance via paypal

Own pace

        £25 per lesson

        £300 whole course in advance

Each lesson split by 5

A. System and diagnoses  pp plus voice recording - email

B. Herbal actions and constituents plus context eg posology pp plus voice recording, one herb from students requested - email Herb request 100g £10 plus £5 P&P per parcel email

C. Herbs and energetics - focus on one herb, cultivation pp voice - email

D. Make something video email

E. Discussion forum onsite, students to post herb, quiz -onsite

Each stand alone lesson in 5 parts. 3x 30min presentations (with pdfs) to work through at your own pace. One short demonstration video featuring an aspect of herbal pharmacy. Access to the discussion forum for that lesson and an online quiz to test your knowledge. A herb sample pack for each lesson is also available at an additional charge. (50g/ml each @ £5 each as requested £7 fee plus £5 P&P)

Tincture day extra £50 at AHM

Need pp voice recording secure

video secure

forums by invitation only

onsite quiz invite only ( nested in forum?)



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