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2022 Events

2022 A new series of three herbal gatherings 
Herbs of Avalon
Practical explorations of local herbal medicines
Create and use your own herbal medicines
With Mary Bruce, Consulting Medical Herbalist BSc. Hons. Herbal Medicine MNIMH
Priestess of Avalon, Morgen Sibyl and Soul Healer
You are cordially invited to join me for any or all of these exciting new practical gatherings to create your own herbal treasure chest in the beautiful
Goddess House and gardens in Avalon/Glastonbury.

Identify and attune to local herbs that you can easily forage or grow for your own personal use using a variety of modalities.
Discover how to process and store them.

Have a go at preparing effective medicines and explore how to take them.

The simplicity of basic herbal medicine is part of our heritage that is available for all. These three half day sessions will give you the practical oomph to get started into connecting with the rich diversity of the Herbs of Avalon. 

Cultivation, Harvest & Storage


Saturday 7th May 2 to 4-30pm
Goddess House, Glastonbury
£30 paid in advance
Please book by Saturday 30th April
Getting to know the Herbs of Avalon - identification
How to propagate, grow and collect your herbs
Advice on how to process and store your harvest 
Propagate plants to take home for your own plot

Herbal Medicine Making
Saturday 4th June 2 to 4-30pm
Goddess House, Glastonbury
£30 paid in advance
Please book by Saturday 28th May

Taste the herbs and blend your own medicinal tea

Make your own effective tincture

Explore herbal infused oils and prepare your own salve


Understanding Herbal Dosage
Saturday 2nd July 2-4-30pm
Goddess House, Glastonbury
£30 paid in advance
Please book by Saturday 25th June
Explore the many ways that herbs can be administered
Understand the limits and inherent safety of home herbalism

Find out how to apply herbal doses to different groups including elders and children

Tincture tasting and herbalist tips

Includes a handout on the doses of the Herbs of Avalon

Each afternoon is £30 paid in advance. Places are limited and closing dates apply due to the practical nature of these sessions.
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